All Surfacing specialises in the laying of Asphalt for driveways, roads, paths and car parks.

Our Asphalt services include:

  • Asphalt Surfacing
  • Asphalt reinstatement
  • Asphalt Repairs
  • Road Markings

Mainly used for roadways and repairs, the asphalt finish is very smooth with a choice of two colours black and red, we also offer a decorative stone that can be rolled into the asphalt, the client may also choose the stone and the spread rate, these stones are then coated in a special resin fusing the stone into the asphalt.

Because the asphalt is smooth and non-porous this makes it an ideal surface to lay first before surface dressing or tar and chipping

some road markings on a car park

Road markings.

We can also install road markings on any surface to mark out car parks as well as lines and on roads.

white lining at a car park

Quality Service

At All Surfacing, you can rely on our team of experienced asphalt contractors for a top-quality asphalt finish.

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