All Surfacing have 25 years experience using Tar and chip products both on highways and private driveways in Norfolk, and we have an excellent reputation.

First we would remove any loose surface and repair any imperfections, next a single layer of hot tar is applied to the surface and then covered with an aggregate stone and then rolled, when applied on top of hard-cored road planings or type one we would always recommend two layers.

Tar and chip is not only used on highway roads it is also very popular for use on private driveways, farm estates, light industrial and car parks.

There are a lot of different names for Tar and Chip such as tar and stone, tar and shingle, tar and gravel, tar and pea shingle, chip and seal, and surfaced dress.

Many years ago the product that used to be applied was bitumen, that is what binds the chipping to the surface. This product has now been banned for 20 years because it was too dangerous to use. This was because it had to be a temperature of 160c which is was found to be too dangerous to spray plus the conditions have to be perfect.

Now the industry use a modified binder which is safer to use and lay. This is a water based product which is better for the environment and less receptacle to the hot weather. Its not easier to lay tar on your driveway as it is a messy product to work with, therefore we mask all the areas and only use our skilful team who have been laying tar products on driveways for many years.

Tar & chip comes in a range of stones, granite and colours and sizes and is an extremely cost effective way to resurface or to maintain your Surface.

A good job can last up to ten years. All work is checked by a senior member of our team and is guaranteed

Our Tar and Chip Surfacing services include:

  • Tar and Chip Driveways
  • Tar and Chip Forecourts
  • Tar and Chip Road Surfacing
  • Tar and chip car parks
Tar and chip application


Tar & Chip can be applied to asphalt, tarmac, concrete, tar and chip, road planings and hardcore.

Tar and stone application

Excellent Team!

All Surfacing have a well trained professional team with an excellent reputation in Norfolk.

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