Road Surface Dressing Service in Bedford

Road Surface Dressing is a way of restoring a surface and sealing it at the same time, which is highly cost-effective. We've offered Road Surface Dressing services in Bedford for over 30 years and we're proud of our reputation throughout Bedfordshire.


  • Improves surface to be waterproof
  • Helps to improve skid resistance
  • Helps to protect the road against frost and rain

The road is sprayed with bitumen binder, then a layer of stone/chippings. This is then pressed into the surface with a roller. More stone/chippings are then applied to ensure a uniform coating of the emulsion to complete the process.


Surface dressing can be applied over tarmac, asphalt, concrete, tar & chip, road planings or hardcore. Just some surfaces it is applicable to would include:

  • Driveways
  • Forecourts
  • Carparks
  • Farm roads

What we do

  1. Surface Dress is weather dependent and cannot be applied to wet or cold roads or in high temperatures and high humidity.
  2. The road is swept and cleared of any build up and loose all ironwork masked over.
  3. Once swept we use the Sprayer machine which is driven slowly to spread the bitumen evenly along the road spreading it across the width of the box.
  4. Following the sprayer machine is the chipping spreader and lorries. More of the chippings are spread on the road to prevent traffic or pedestrians from picking up wet tar.
  5. There maybe two coats of tar and chip applied in two layers depending on the type of surface dressing.
  6. This will then be given an initial embedment with a pneumatic tyred roller. This helps the material to embed and achieve its optimum strength.
  7. Once completed there will be some degree of stone loss or loose. A suction sweeper will be used to remove this in stages. We will place traffic signs advising of the risk of loose chippings and have signs to show an advisory speed limit.
  8. The sweep normally takes place 24 to 48 hours after the process any sooner than this may damage the surface.
  9. All masking is removed from the ironwork on the road.
  10. Traffic will be allowed onto the surface but must be at low speeds, this will help to embed the chippings.
  11. The freshly laid surface maybe sticky so we advise to check your shoes and pets paws before entering your house. This is only short term until the surface has settled.
  12. Once the surface is embedded and settled and there is no loss of chippings all temporary signage will be removed.

Why work with us

  • 30+ years surfacing experience
  • All jobs overseen from start to finish
  • All work is guaranteed

Service highlights

We've worked with

We are thrilled with our new driveway. Thank you! It is very rare these days to find people with such pride in their work. The whole job was done with the minimum disruption by men that were reliable, polite and hardworking.

5 out of 5

Cambridgeshire Tarmac

We would like to thank you for your services in connection with the re-surfacing of our drive. It was clear to us from the start of your operations that you have a very thorough and professional approach and the finished job bears witness to that. We are extremely pleased with the result. In particular, we appreciate your attention to detail and we are grateful for your professional advice concerning the various decisions we had to make.

5 out of 5


I felt it appropriate to write expressing our satisfaction with the surfacing work on our tarmac car park that your firm recently undertook for us. In view of the very hot weather over the last week, it has been pleasing to see that the newly laid surface has remained 'rock hard' and has not been adversely affected – just as you assured us would be so.

5 out of 5


We are writing to say how pleased we are with the finished result of our extended tarmac drive. And, would like to thank you and your team for keeping the cul-de-sac accessible to the neighbours during the work and leaving the area clean and tidy on completion.

5 out of 5


Your price, while not the lowest of the quotes we obtained was, I am certain, good value for the work carried out to a high standard. It is certainly true that one really does get the result that you pay for.

5 out of 5


I was especially pleased with your prompt response to our initial request to your company to quote on the work, and your efficient and close attention to the job from beginning to completion. The advice you offered to overcome certain problems presented by the site conditions was most helpful and gratefully received.

5 out of 5


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